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Sales Simulations

Sales Simulations are total immersion sales training experiences that replicates your marketplace. Each Sales Simulation is specificallySales simulations sales training designed and crafted for your organization.  During the sales simulation participants:

  • Experience an entire sales cycle from opportunity identification to closing the deal
  • Compete against other teams
  • Receive in-depth feedback on sales skills and sales strategy throughout the sales cycle
  • Integrate all their previous sales training and product training

What’s Unique about Sales Simulations?

Sales Simulations are unique from other sales training programs in two ways: level of customization and the amount of time spent on practice and feedback.

Customization. A Sales Simulation is 100% customized to your company and your strategic challenges. You identify a specific business scenario and a company is created to allow the sales teams to tackle the challenges in that business scenario.

Working with Sales Momentum, you define a series of sales parameters for the simulated company, such as: the competitors, marketplace changes, critical sales challenges, and common objections. Finally, you determine the individuals within thesimulated company on whom the sales teams will have the opportunity to make calls.

Practice and Feedback. The Sales Simulation is an experiential program where 85% percent of the time is spent on practice and feedback.  Learning occurs at three primary points:

Strategy Planning Sessions. Each team spends time planning an overall strategy for the opportunity and time planning sales calls to execute that strategy.

Sales Calls. Following each sales call, the sales team members observing the call, along with a faculty member, provide call-specific feedback.

Class Debriefs After each call debriefing sessions at the individual tables, the lessons learned are discussed as a total class

Sales simulations sales training              When Can a Sales Simulation be Helpful?

Your Sales Simulation can be crafted to address a wide variety of sales performance challenges.  It can be designed to help new hires get a terrific kick-start or the existing sales force develop the skills to gain market share.  Sales simulations also have a great track record as a learning design to use in a “top gun” school for high performers.

Another common scenario is when a company has in place existing core programs but it is clear that additional skill development is necessary to help the sales force adjust and adapt those skills to market place shifts or new company strategic initiatives.

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