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Launching New Products

Launching New Products
 sales training provides a systematic approach for launching a new product to your sales force by …

  • Analyzing market drivers
  • Identifying high potential prospects
  • Profiling key decision makers
  • Assessing competitive threats

If your organization is like most, you will launch more new products in the next five years than you did in the previous ten.  These products will be targeted to produce a significant percentage of total revenue and some will be “bet the company”entries to the market.  Yet history tells a scary tale.  Many good new products are doomed from the beginning because they are not launched successfully to the sales force – they simply escape into the market place.

Launching New Products provides the initial sales kick-off warranted by a good new product with a heritage of substantial design Launching new products sales traininginvestment and a significant revenue expectation.

In Module 1 participants first create a prospect profile for the new product.  Then they identify those companies who are most likely to be early first wins and explore the buying rationale of key decision makers.

Unfortunately just knowing on whom to call doesn’t translate into sales success.  Sales call execution is crucial.  In Module 2 participants explore the critical success factors for positioning the product’s value proposition and carry out a sales call on a qualified prospect.

Knowing how you stack up against the competition when launching a new product is critical.  For example, what are your dominant Launching new products sales trainingcompetitive strengths and weaknesses?  Have the key factors buyers will use to compare you and the competition been identified?  In Module 3 participants address the competitive issues surrounding the product launch.

When it comes to launching new products it’s no longer about time-to-market.  Now it’s about time-to-market share.  You must be more efficient and effective than the other guy at ramping up your sales force.  Launching New Products provides the training experience for your sales force to meet the time-to-market share challenge.

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New product launches – a sales training opportunity – If your company is like most, you will launch more new products in the next five years than you did in the previous ten. These products will be expected to produce significant revenue and some may be “bet-the-company” entries to the market.  Yet history tells a scary tale. This post shares 5 best practices for training your sales force when launching a new product.

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Extraordinary products deserve extraordinary product launches – The new product launch to the sales team more closely resembles an escape plan than a product launch to develop market superiority. The investment in training the sales team to sell the new product is simply not commensurate with the importance of the new product. This omission constitutes a strategic missing link. Even an extraordinary new product will not sell itself beyond the early adopters.

Great new product launches – an opportunity in waiting – Most companies spend a “king’s ransom” in the design, development and marketing of new products. And, in some cases the new product has the potential to transform the fortunes of the company. All too often this potential is not realized.

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