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The sales coaching program was very interactive encouraging discussions for raising different ideas. Discussing best practices (for selling and coaching) and how to apply them was very helpful.”
The strategy program has really tied lots of loose ends - I think I can do this better than I have been.
Tying examples to our business situations made the program a success.
The sales simulation was awesome! Thanks. Excellent class to really bring all our groups together and strategize on a strategic account.
Gives other sales programs a run for its money - best sales course I have ever taken (and there have been many).
The sales simulation was a great experience. Highly recommend. Took my sales knowledge to the next level. Will help me do my job better! Excellent opportunity to
Strategy insights – especially for my own accounts. The sales tools helped to visualize a sales strategy.

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Sales Momentum works with Fortune 1000 companies to improve sales productivity. Today being good is not good enough. Your sales force must not only be able to sell a competitive advantage; they must be a competitive advantage.

Our sales training programs are built for today’s hypercompetitive marketplace. They are based on the best practices emerging from our thirty plus years of work with the organizations that are getting it right.

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Sales Simulation

Sales simulations are more versatile, more effective, and more affordable than ever! So companies are increasingly embracing them. Sales Momentum has developed customized sales simulations for companies facing a variety of sales challenges - from launching new products to developing sales coaching skills to selling as a team to adapting to new go to market strategies.

You can learn more about sales simulations on our blog - The Sales Training Connection.
Or, listen to Richard Ruff talk about sales simulations.