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A Market Leading Cardiac Device Company
Sales StrategyMedical Sales Training- Reps Are A Competitive Advantage
Sales Simulation

  • The sales simulation provides a process for thinking about an account/doctor situation … done in a way that makes it real, practical, and simple.
  • The sales simulation will help our sales teams do a better job selling our solutions.
  • Great job of using real world situations throughout the simulation.  Too many sales training programs I’ve been involved in were very generic.
  • Excellent sales simulation – mind-bending critical thinking. I was truly challenged unlike any other training class. Very realistic compared to other courses.
  • The sales simulation is as real world as you can get.  The opportunity to present and then make changes moving forward is good.  There is a lot of work, but the final presentation brings it all home.
  • Loved the interaction between hospital staff and participants in the simulation.  Real world happenings and dynamic landscape. Very well done.  Didn’t think I’d enjoy this as much as I did!

A Market-Leading Medical Equipment CompanySales Momentum provides sales training to world-class clients
Sales Strategy 

  • What was most beneficial to me?  Learning how to get it down on paper and prioritize. Pre-call planning. Finally thinking about my opportunities by putting it down on paper and dissecting my strategy – seeing things that weren’t clearly apparent before.  More understanding of the complexities of a sale.
  • Strategy insights – especially for my own accounts. Reviewing our own accounts and mapping a sales strategy for them was great. The sales tools helped to visualize a sales strategy.
  • Exercises and role plays were specific to our business. Use of practice scenarios – helps apply newly learned knowledge. Case studies allowed me to practice the ideas learned and discuss strategies with my peers.

A Market-Leading Management Consulting Organization
Sales SimulationSales training - sales simulation

What were the most beneficial parts of the sales simulation?

  • The simulation really mirrored the world we live and work in. I was engaged 100% of the time.
  • Real time feedback.
  • Strongly confirming my experience from my business life.
  • Working peers to develop strategy – shared learning with team members.
  • Learning from my colleagues.
  • Pre-call planning – strategizing about objectives for calls.
  • Observing actual interactions between buyer and sales.
  • Tactical call planning of the strategic goal in mind.
  • Reinforcing call planning.

A Market-Leading Medical Equipment CompanySales coaching - sales trainingdling, opening and closing call, building customer relationships
Sales Coaching

  • One size doesn’t fit all.  Now I’ll really look at my sales team as individuals, who need to be treated as such.
  • The workbook and best practices were incredibly beneficial to me.
  • Becoming a better coach. How to be a more effective coach.

A Worldwide Logistics Company
Sales Simulation

  • The sales simulation was awesome!  Thanks. Excellent class to really bring all entities of the company together and strategize on a strategic account.
  • I am very glad I have been given the opportunity to attend the sales simulation.  I sales training- sales simulationthink the learning process is an excellent opportunity to channel and work with different business units to build a very powerful message for our customers.
  • The sales simulation was a great experience.  Highly recommended.  Took my sales knowledge to the next level. This all helps me do my job better.

A Market-Leading Medical Device and Consumables Company
Sales Simulation

  • What was most valuable to me? Team discussions, pre-call group planning sessions, listening to others, strategy sessions between calls, and critical feedback on Buyer player. Learning from others is the way to go.
  • The simulation was realistic – what I face daily. It’s no use going through sales training if the scenarios do not apply – real life.Medical sales training - sales simulation
  • Back to basics with a fundamental skill we all need to do better. Recapturing some fundamentals and action steps that enhance consultative selling.  Revisiting the selling process.  Sharpening my skills. Made us re-think our sales approach.
  • Asking customers for support – but make sure it is measurable.   Develop action plans for my customers and fully define those actions agreed upon – get customer to take action.
  • Improve questioning: Drill down with questions more. Asking more follow up questions.  Try not to ask the easy question.
  • Asking more questions.   Better and more specific questions. Ask questions to find out what benefits the customer and not me. Monitor talk time. Sit tight and probe right.
  • Pre-call planning with an agenda.  I am going to have an agenda prepared and allow the customer to speak more.  Fitting customer objectives into the call agenda.
  • Refocus on the customer. Engage the customer with ideas that benefit them, not me. Learning better ways to put my customer first and how to uncover opportunities.

A Manufacturing CompanySales training - sales simulation
Sales Coaching, Sales Call Execution + Sales Simulation

  • All new employees should attend. As a brand new employee, hearing potential scenarios was a great training tool.
  • I’m so new, so every little bit is a big help. The sales call simulations were the best way to help.
  • What will you do differently as a result of attending the program?
  • I will plan calls differently, pre-determining desired outcomes.
  • Listen more and talk less.
  • Be more open minded about my calls. Don’t be in such a hurry.
  • Try to get customer’s input more.
  • Use an agenda to structure the calls.

A Market-Leading Medical Device CompanyMedical sales - sales training - sale simulation
Sales Call Execution + Sales Simulation

What are you going to do differently after attending the program?

  • Focus on listening and providing links to needs and solutions.
  • Spend more time strategically planning all of my calls and plan from a level to work the deal to the C-Suite.
  • Prepare more specifically with regard to outcome-based sales calls.
  • Refine messages/call planning.
  • Devote more time to pre-call planning.
  • Add team members as necessary.
  • Listen more to the customer’s need vs. lecture to them and strategize more.
  • Anticipate what else to be prepared for.
  • I am going to target accounts that I believe I can accelerate and increase sales by meeting with the “C” Level.
  • Sell higher.
  • Look at accounts in a different light.
  • Call planning, get the customer talking about their needs before providing solutions, call objectives.
  • Probe to find an underlying issue, be an active listener and close and optimal solution with confidence.
  • Identify decision makers and their level of influence.

A Market-Leading Management Consulting CompanyProfessional services sales training - business development - sales simulation
Sales Simulation

Evidence of positive impact from the sales simulation includes:

  • Able to structure agendas and improve defining the purpose and outcomes of client meeting and able to track progress better.
  • Introduce more rigor in pre-call planning.
  • Use common language and approach across business units in pre-call planning.
  • Realize that just because you don’t have the expertise doesn’t mean you can’t have an impactful call – laying groundwork to bring in subject expert.
  • Increase awareness of capabilities across the team.
  • Turn to leadership for big picture perspective when we need a mix/large scope of capabilities.
  • Anticipate client pushback/objections with prepared responses.
  • Deepen understanding about the client environment