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Sales Negotiations

Sales Negotiations focuses on the strategic and tactical skills required to plan and execute a successful negotiation in major accounts.  During theSales negotiating training in business development sales training program participants:

  • Explore the skills required to plan and execute successful negotiations
  • Work with sales tools for managing the negotiation process
  • Develop a negotiation plan of action for one of their major accounts

The program is not a generic negotiation offering.  Instead it was designed and developed specifically for sales negotiations.  Participants spend their time exploring the negotiation best practices and tools used by top performing sales people.

Throughout the program the participants explore the practices and techniques required to negotiate in a complex sales environment.  As each new skill set is reviewed the participants immediately apply their insights through interactive exercises and small group discussions.  Along the way they are exposed to a set of negotiation tools which help transfer plans effectively and efficiently to actions in the field.

In a complex sales environment almost every sales opportunity involves negotiation.  Consequently, it is important to put thought and energy into what it takes to plan and execute a successful negotiation. A well-crafted negotiation strategy helps you to build the customer relationship and optimize profitability.

Take a Deeper Dive into Sales Negotiations …

Combating dirty tricks in sales negotiations – In most B2B sales both the sales person and the customer seek a win/win result because the Sales negotiation sales trainingrelationship is one that has existed and will continue to exist in the future.  So attempting to gain some short-term advantage, particularly by trickery, does not make a lot sense for either side. This post shares how to combat some dirty tricks when negotiating sales.

Major account negotiations: developing a roadmap – Because of the complexity of the sales  negotiation itself and the significance of getting it right, the actual plan for a major account negotiation must be developed with care. In any major account, if the sales team does not develop a well-conceived and coordinated negotiation plan, they are playing Russian roulette with the long-term relationship with the customer and with the profitability of the sales opportunity. This post shares a 4-part framework for developing that sales negotiation roadmap.

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