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Master Sales Seminar

When putting in place a comprehensive sales training curriculum, there are always critical performance areas which do not lend themselves to classic sales training design.  Models for improving sales performance are lacking and the classic learning methodologies just don’t seem to make sense as a path forward.

Sales training for sales reps on knowledge skillsOn the other hand, there are individuals within your organization that are very accomplished in these same “tough to deal with” performance areas.  And, in many situations these are the same individuals who just happen to be your top performance when it comes to sales results.

Sales Momentum has had substantial experience in custom designing learning experiences to address this challenge.  The developmental process for designing an experience that can help Sales people improve their performance involves the following approach:

First, it is important to recognize that the answer is not a classic training experience. Instead it is a highly focused Master Seminar that leverages the best practices of your top performers. The steps in the developmental process are as follows:

  • Define the performance area with clarity
  • Identify top performers
  • Hold a series of interviews or focus group with top performers to identify learnable best practices
  • Create learning frameworks and to introduce the performance area and best practices to the target audience
  • Create the seminar design and materials.

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