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Focused on B2B Sales

B2B Sales skills sales trainingFocused on B2B Sales. B2B selling has been refined beyond the point that any set of ideas are universally the best fit for any type of sale.  The complex business to business sale is not just a big transactional sale; it is qualitatively different.  The differences are pervasive – ranging from the length of the sales cycle to the customer network to the consequences and rewards of winning and losing. Sales Momentum programs were designed specifically to address complex business-to-business sales.



Three additional features making Sales Momentum programs different …

  • Extensive Customization.  All Sales Momentum programs are highly customized to your company. In addition, all programs can incorporate sales simulations which are 100% customized to your company.  In the sales simulation,  85% of the time is spent on practice and feedback of the sales challenges that your sales team faces ever day.  The “real world” is literally dragged into the classroom.
  • Targeted Skill Development.   Does it make sense that every company would find the same set of skill models, best practices, and tools as the best fit for creating a sales force that is a competitive advantage? The answer is “probably not.”  So, Sales Momentum determines the specific skill models, best practices, and tools that should be incorporated into each program for each client.
  • Process – Not an Event.  What happens before and after the program is as important as the training itself.  The training must be a process not an event.  Sales Momentum® believes this “it’s not an event” notion must be taken seriously and must be executed creatively.  What happens before and after the program is uniquely crafted for each company.

Sales Momentum offers a new generation of sales training programs built for today's hyper-competitive marketplace. To learn more about our programs, email Richard Ruff at rruff@salesmomentum.com, Janet Spirer at jspirer@salesmomentum.com or call us at 480-513-0900