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Don’t Let Your Next Product Launch Fail


Book cover - jpeg-230-300A FREE White Paper based on industry best practices to help your sales organization bring new products to market successfully. Download your copy of Don’t Let Your Next Product Launch Fail

Every year, companies market a dazzling array of new products.  Some are modifications or minor upgrades of last year’s offerings.  Others are designed to be significant revenue producers or game changers. A few are “bet the company” entries into the market.

All too often, the product launch looks more like an escape plan than a well-devised plan to develop market superiority. Most new product launches will fail to deliver expected results because the investment in improving the sales team’s ability to sell the new product is inadequate.

When new product sales disappoint, some may blame the market or say that it just takes time. Here are the real reasons new product launches fall flat:

  • Skill development is rarely reinforced properly so new product training doesn’t “stick”
  • Sales managers don’t properly coach sales rep to sell the new product
  • Sales reps hate change and go back to selling what they know and is easy

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